Welcome to the educational coloring pages portal Coloring Moon! Where the little ones will have the opportunity to have fun playing, painting and many other things while learning basic concepts of coloring pages that will be useful both for their day to day and for tomorrow.

On our website you can find articles about coloring pages of movies, beautiful coloring images, children's stories for drawing children, jokes, riddles, children's crafts, children's drawings and coloring sheets for coloring online. Children can learn how to coloring.

The education of children should never be boring, since they learn at these early ages by playing, exploring their world, making learning entertaining, since this is how they best capture the message and internalize it.

The educational resources that we have categorized in this portal are going to serve both for families that want to play with their children, teaching them while they spend a pleasant time with them, as well as for teachers who have both primary and infantile students, being able to find activities, cards and much more to entertain or complete their teachings.

Among the resources for children of infantile that you are going to find in our categories we can emphasize the drawings to color, the activities even infantile songs. All these are very practical when it comes to making your child learn, because as you will see when you enter our sections, have many different topics, you can download for free to use them if you prefer on paper, making your child color or write with colored pencils, or even if you just want to show it from the computer itself, laptop and even tablet.

All the educational resources for schoolchildren that we have will help him to develop both cognitively and motorly, since on the one hand the child will be able to retain some knowledge related to the activity that he carries out, such as the animal that is drawing, the words that are being used to sing, among other concepts, but also when accompanying these songs with movement you will get the child to jump, dance and have fun as never before, just as when he is coloring, he develops his final motor skills, very important at the time of learning to write.

Schoolchildren who are in primary school need everything we have said before, but their mind is getting closer to that of an adult, so the difficulty in their homework should be appropriate to their age and this should increase so that they can feel attracted by what they are doing, feel the challenge and once they overcome it, feel proud of what they are doing.

For this reason in this education portal we have the best tongue twisters, perfect for improving the vocalization of words and speech, as well as riddles that will help them think and reason logically. Another of the school activities that children enjoy the most are characterizations or role plays, so we have prepared different sections to enhance these children's games, since you can use the costumes that we recommend and explain how to make them.

Free Coloring Pages for kids online free - printable coloring pages galleries by Coloring Moon

Do not worry about spending artistic material with our free online coloring pages. You can color, paint and draw and PRINT for free! Our collection includes various styles of art and graphics to paint your desires. Use your favorite brushes, pencils and virtual colors and demonstrate your talents. Draw simple images with basic details, or take time to paint dramatic 3D artwork. In our coloring challenges, vary the styles of canvases, but keep their beauty!

Many of our free coloring pages includes famous characters. Choose your favorite and color their images according to your tastes! In our challenges, you will control the brush with the mouse. Users with PC, mobile and tablets can accurately color with a styles. Our coloring levels have a great color palette with the various colors of the rainbow colors and more. Show your artistic talents or become a painter in minutes!

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